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Norfolk Island Accommodation for New Zealanders

Why New Zealanders love staying at

Hibiscus accommodation on Norfolk Island

Hibiscus has always had strong connections with New Zealand. Richard Hamilton-Irvine, the builder, founder and owner of the Hibiscus group for over 50 years, was a New Zealander who came to Norfolk in early 60s and fell in love with its beauty and uniqueness…


After only 1.5h flight on Air New Zealand (departing from Auckland International Airport on Sunday morning) you will find yourself in a peaceful subtropical paradise.

The weather is generally warmer than in New Zealand but without the hot extremes of the Australian and other Pacific islands’ heat.

The safe secluded beaches are accessible all year around with Emily Bay being our favourite.

Norfolk Island is so much safer than most of other holiday destinations. You don’t have to worry about locking your car or doors.

The fishing is fantastic – even professional New Zealand fishermen get impressed – you will always come back to the shores with a catch.

The cost of the airfare from New Zealand to Norfolk Island is cheaper than to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

And our accommodation prices for New Zealanders are generally 20% lower than for any other markets. Contact us or your preferred travel agent in New Zealand to get your best rate.

Half of our staff are New Zealanders so there will always be somebody to speak your language 🙂

Your money is hard earned. Why spend more if you can have a wonderful holiday and still save to buy something really special for someone really special?

And let us take care of someone really special to us – YOU!